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StratStep Technology

The core of the StratStep Group business is the development and delivery of new and cutting-edge technology. With rapid growth across this sector, we are highly focused on creating and improving the emerging technology of many key industries that benefit fast-growing businesses.

Staying ahead of the technological curve requires constant innovation and elevation of products and services. StratStep Technology, and our global partners, strive for progressive excellence, allowing us to continue as the leaders in new technology development and production that we are known for.

We are StratStep Technology

Research and Development

The power of innovation

Innovation and the introduction of new products continues to drive StratSteps research and development team to be global leaders in the next level of our fast-growing industry. With that innovation comes the responsibility of safety and ethical decisions around automation and AI.


If you have an idea, concept, product or anything you would like to see developed into a commercial product then we would like to hear from you. We work with UK Research and Innovation to help access funding and collaborate with other research teams while finding potential customers.


The development of StratStep Technology products and services is derived from our many years of expertise in research and development, offering an unparalleled depth of deliverable quality and expectations from our clients.

Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Alter your reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are at the heart of our what much of our research and development team do. Our products allow our clients to step inside uniquely crafted environments or to interact with virtual objects in real-world settings like never before.


For example, we are currently developing an AR/VR headset with a consortium of global partners to offer an entirely new option in aviation and pilot training. With first-round start-up funding, this product will be set to revolutionise the pilot training biosphere with further applications in aerospace, engineering and maintenance.


We offer efficient and fluid development times with a robust global partnership to support the ideas of leading AR/VR experts in collaboration, taking augmented and virtual reality beyond the precipice of groundbreaking innovation.


Engineering Elevated

MRO FAA/EASA repair stations, engineering, tools and manufacturing are just a few services StratStep Aerospace can offer globally. With a focus on quality and excellence, we have grown a team of aerospace experts and partnerships with AS9100 and ISO 9001 certification and compliance.


StratStep Technology provides test equipment and controls projects for commercial aircraft, OEMs, suppliers and Defence contractors in the aerospace market. We specialise in the testing of systems, sub-systems and components used in aerospace development, research, production, and MRO’s.

  • R&D custom machines

  • Turnkey R&D facility upgrades

  • Mechanical and Controls upgrades

  • Production inspection and test machines

  • Front End Planning and management

  • Scope, schedule and cost of deliverables


Let us know your goals and challenges, as our solution-based aerospace strategies can help.


Inspire a generation

This exciting new arm of StratStep Group comes from our relationships with a number of Space Agencies globally, including the European Space Agency (ESA) and UK Space, to be involved in the development of satellite technology and usage, particularly in the use of autonomous drones. 


Research and development work in space-related science and technologies have historically been precursors to components we now use every day. Technology first used in space is often transferred to new non-space applications and products, yet often after being first applied to satellite-based instruments, high-end technologies typically take years, even decades, to reach regular consumers.


StratStep has experience with space technologies such as satellites, communications and sensor technologies and we work to develop ground-based products that can be used in conjunction with systems for drones and UAV’s.


At present, we are working to develop the following:

  • Robotic Flyers

  • Power Beaming

  • Smart Suits

  • Micro-Probes

  • Power Systems

  • Small Satellites

StratStep Defence & Military

Having worked with several governments (military and police) across the Middle East, Europe and Asia/Oceania, StratStep Defence specialises in acquisitions, logistics, development of technology and pilot training programmes.


Our knowledge of the NATO-Support Procurement Agency and gaining ITAR regulatory approval are a small example of how StratStep Defence can offer a variety of solutions.

StratStep Flight - Drones/UAV/VTOL

StratStep Flight focuses on new Drone and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology and applications. We have partnered with several key manufactures of commercial drones to be used across a variety of industries.


We have the knowledge to provide the right vehicle, software and training for an in-house drone programme. From payload dropping drones, LIDAR and night vision, to firefighting drones, StratStep Flight can provide or guide you on bespoke equipment and training.

News and Features

Keep up with all the latest news and updates from StratStep Technology and StratStep Group in our news section.

StratStep Technology

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Tech Think Tank (TTT)

Knowledge and Innovation

Technological innovation leads the development of the human race and impacts every area of life as we know it. However, questions arise on how the new technology will be implemented and managed.

The StratStep TTT is guided by two focus areas:

  1. Creativity in thinking to explore what the future of technology can be and how a strategic vision of needed solutions, products and services can benefit mankind.

  2. Responsibility to ethically manage the technology created like AI and how we best protect the inherent risks associated with the ongoing rapid rate of technologic development.

StratStep has assembled (and continues to grow) the leading minds across all industries who are individually considered to be visionaries and realists who can work together in a collaborative effort to develop ideas that will benefit all sectors.

If you would like to be considered to join our TTT please express your interest by sending us your thoughts and vision on the future of technology to Practical solutions to modern problems especially in today's environment are always needed and the depth and breadth of knowledge within the TTT expands as we grow.

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